Au revoir…

“Somebody” is not very happy. (Hint: It’s not me.)

After resisting and only eating from the opening of the trap for a couple days, our furry foe succumbed to temptation this morning and made her way all the way in (being sure to eat the entire smorgasboard for her trouble). We hope she will be very happy in her new home, several miles away in a park-like (public) area. (“Somebody” else [hint: not me] made me take some celery stalks and a carrot along — you know, because it’s such a pain to have to make dinner on moving day while you’re busy getting settled.)

According to this information sheet put out by Penn State, it is not illegal to do what we did. Although it is dated 1997 and maybe the law has changed since then.

I’m not silly enough to think this will end our garden-chomping problems — I’m keeping the trap handy. But it’s nice to think of *maybe* being able to enjoy a big pot of colorful posies on the porch or deck this summer without fear of them turning into mere stems overnight.

So for now, au revoir mon ennemie. Or rather…jusqu’à ce que nous nous reverrons…until we meet again

The toughest thing about success is that
you’ve got to keep on being a success.
~ Irving Berlin