Satisfied with crumbs

I haven’t blogged much lately…no reason other than lack of inspiration. My feast of busy-ness at work ended a few weeks ago and it’s been famine since. I love the time to do Christmas prep as much as I hate the anxiety that comes from wondering if the phone will ever ring again (or, in my case, the e-mail will ever come in with a new project request). I think for the umpteenth time how odd it is that I, a craver of security, have chosen a career that doesn’t offer any. Clearly I love working in a bathrobe my freedom more. (Ask me if I made the right choice when I’m 70 and trying to learn how to be McD cashier or Walmart greeter.)

As for the crumbs…having just prepared and stowed my 9th and final batch of cookies, I’m left to enjoy the leavings of this particularly messy but so darn good recipe. It wasn’t even on my cookie list until I remembered how much everyone liked it last year. And it was worth the special trip to buy nuts (though I probably shouldn’t have bought the BIGGEST jar they had at Sam’s). It isn’t the prettiest cookie (really hard to cut cleanly), but the upside (a panful of delicious crumbs) is hard to resist. Try it if you’re craving a challenge (or crunchy/salty/sweet deliciousness) and don’t mind a little mess.

Next up: cleaning the kitchen, crunchy floor and all.

Gather the crumbs of happiness
and they will make you a loaf of contentment.

~ Author Unknown

Sweet dreams

A coworker once told me a story I always remember fondly, especially at Christmas.

Her little boy woke up one morning with a smile on his face. When she asked him what he had been dreaming about, he had a simple answer: “Cookies.”

May your Christmas dreams — and reality — be just as sweet.  Merry Christmas!


 Cookies are made of butter and love. 
                        ~ Norwegian Proverb