The pause that refreshes

Nothing like a vacation to give you a fresh perspective. Fortunately, unlike the last getaway, this one was worth it. Very much a waterfall theme, as the cabin we rented actually had its own waterfall right behind it! Quite amazing that someone would “own” something like this. (Bummer — I took some video with my camera but WordPress can’t accommodate it, so here are a few stills instead.)


Two other waterfalls were in the nearby Stone Mountain State Park, plus really interesting views from the granite peaks — it was like the moon up there, all rutted and cratered. Even though we hiked it in the rain and got soaked, it was still really special to be the only people in such a beautiful spot. 





This was the only fellow traveler we met en route.

 A wee thing, as you can see.

Because we had a Sunday-Friday rental, we were able to get some things done at home and leisurely pack on the Saturday before we left. The drive through West Virginia was spectacular, even without much fall color yet — what a beautiful state. And if you’ve never taken the drive (3 hours from Pittsburgh) to the New River Gorge — do it! “Bridge Day,” when they close the highway to let people bungee off the New River Bridge, is this coming weekend. Unfathomable.

Coming back late Friday left the whole weekend to work outside in the gorgeous weather (nicer than any we had while we were away) and generally ease back into real life. Except that the actual getaway was kind of short, this was definitely a more relaxing way to do a vacation. And the garden now sports a couple sweet reminders of our trip.


All in all, we were happy to have been gone, happier to be home. Just the way it should be.

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home 
and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow. 
                                                                      ~ Lin Yutang