Like sands through the hour glass…

What a drag when life interferes with blogging. Nothing bad, just general busy-ness — the incessant house projects coupled with Christmas decorating and shopping and quite a bit of work-work (the paying kind — of course a rush around the holidays). I wonder how we will get everything done (at a minimum, finish installing the kitchen floor, put the construction-disheviled rooms back in order, clean & decorate the house, send personal Christmas cards and client cards/gifts (gotta buy those first!), finish shopping, plan for an annual gift exchange with dear friends…and if possible, bake cookies. That last one is my favorite part, and I don’t like that I might not even have time for it this year.)

Usually, I like my weeks to go quickly, but for once, I wish time would sloooowwww doooowwwwn. I’d like to savor these precious pre-Christmas weeks before the long, cold dog months set in. Not much to like about Jan, Feb, and March in the ‘burgh — unless of course the Steelers stop playing in a fog (or bog) and make a decent playoff run. Even that doesn’t help Feb or March.

But for now, duty calls — or rather I must call it in the form of a conference call to dial into. I hope my beloved muse will return soon and give me the push I need for a more inspired (and inspiring) post. In the meantime, what’s new in your world? (I hope it includes homemade Christmas cookies.)

Sometimes it seems your ever-increasing list of
things to do can leave you feeling totally undone. 
                                    ~ Susan Mitchell and Catherine Christie
I’d Kill for a Cookie