Wait, didn’t I write that?

I often compose blog posts in my head, thinking about what I’ll call them and what I want to write about. Then, inconveniently, I forget all about actually writing them, perhaps getting it out of my system simply by thinking it through. Hmmm, thinking as therapy, what a concept.

I’ve had a few such posts rattling around in my brain lately…

The one about there not being an I in “team” but for sure there’s a “me”…I still want to write that one.

The one about how much I dislike the trend toward videos rather than writing on the Web…I still want to write that one.

The one where I talk about being a little crispy (as opposed to all-out crunchy)…I still want to write that one.

The one where I finally get to show off our sunroom…I can’t wait to write that one, but we’re still a ways off.

The one where I explain how I’ve won the lottery and don’t have to work anymore…no wait, that’s the delusion.

So why haven’t I written them? The thing is, even writing for fun, as this blog is supposed to be, is still something of a chore. Organizing thoughts, finding the right words to express them, thinking, rethinking, editing. I wish it was effortless, but it’s not. Rewarding, yes. But not easy.

Eventually, I’ll push through and get all these ideas down on (virtual) paper. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow even. But not tonight. Tonight the writing muse is already tired, and the reading, surfing, solitaire-playing, mindless TV-watching muses have the helm. I like them, too. They ARE effortless, which gives the writing muse time to do her work, quietly, in the background, until she gets her time to shine. Maybe tomorrow even.

No matter where you go or what you do,
you live your entire life within the confines of your head.
~ Terry Josephson