Dear God,

Thank you for this beautiful summer-fall day, On a Friday. When no one needs anything (that I can’t put off until Monday), and the black-eyed susans are still blooming.


Thank you for the Knock Out® Rose that finally decided to be a knock-out. (And bless dear Sondra who gave it to us, who’s now looking down on it with you.)


Thank you for reblooming orchids. And, you know, for actually making this one rebloom.


Ummmm, thank you for the groundhog that ate through our shed floor so we pretty much HAVE to do something about it? (Better yet, thank you for helping us get a new shed floor, which we really need.)


(On a related note, thank you for helping us cram everything that was in the shed into the garage.)

Thankful 008

Thank you for the Pirates being in first place. (I know, can you believe it?)

Thankful 001

Thank you for letting us get 3 offers on the house just a day after we listed it. And thanks especially for my sister, who worked like a dog for weeks and weeks to get it ready to list.


(And thank you for helping me not to cry every time I think about the house being sold.)

Thank you for Emily. And poems. And chalkboard paint.

Thankful 013

Thank you for art. And artistic friends. And sunrooms.

Thankful 016

Thank you for today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And even the day after that (even though it will be Monday).


All that we behold is full of blessings.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson