…no one!

Per my previous post, I thought I’d just update on the Internet connectivity (or lack thereof) situation. Had a GREAT Comcast technician here today who did all that we could have asked for. He tested things at my modem/computer — no problems today, naturally — as well with how the cables are routed in the house in general. Of course, in an old house, nothing is ideal, and even though we had an electrician do many electrical updates and add cable and phone jacks in a couple places when we moved in, it still wasn’t ideal.

Now, we hope, it is closer. The Comcast tech changed out a bunch of splitters in our attic (not easy to get to) and checked everything. And he gave us some advice on things to check if the intermittent outage happens again.

Time will tell, but we couldn’t have asked for anything more today, or this week really, since on Monday Comcast installed a complete new line from the house to the street. It was good service on both counts, and that’s something to write about. Kudos to Comcast.

If you make customers [un]happy in the physical world,
they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers
[un]happy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.
                                   ~ Jeff Bezos 
                                                          (his quote was”unhappy;” 
                                                     my version is “happy”)