Bright spot

We inherited a garden shed with the house — not a charming, shingled oh-how-cute shed, but a standard, vinyl HD/Lowe’s shed. And like every other project completed by previous owners, it has issues — a shoddy foundation and, consequently, a rotting-away floor. But it does provide much-needed storage, so we’re happy to have it anyway (until we have to replace the floor, that is).

A few weeks ago, we got the bright idea to spruce it up a bit (a classic “honey, what if we…?” project).

The trusty car jack helped us level it (for now). Four cans of spray paint gave it a happy face. And some leftover wood from the dismantled swing set and salvaged bricks from the driveway pier demo added a cute little stoop.

Now the yard has a little peek of color in the back corner, and we can scout out chatchkes to hang on the outside. (Loved some of the rustic garden art at the local arts festival last week, but $42 for something to hang on the shed isn’t in the budget. A few dollars for some old gardening tools and such is more like it.) Let the search begin.

Low cost, high impact, and quick turnaround — the perfect little summer spruce-up.

Small deeds done are better than
great deeds planned. 
                         ~ Peter Marshall