The fine line

Today I’m tiptoeing the fine line between psyching myself up and psyching myself out. It’s a snow day — or likely would be if I didn’t work from home. I called a client with questions on a project, but had to leave a message. So here I am, with a bit of time on my hands and the weighty knowledge that today is also a NordicTrack day.

I’ve been dieting for the past few weeks and exercising regularly. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are designated NordicTrack days. (Tuesdays and Thursdays are yoga days. I love Tuesdays and Thursdays.) My trusty NordicTrack is now almost 20 years old, and I really have used it a lot over the years, albeit off and on. So, my $400-ish investment has paid off in spades, costing only about $20 a year.

Knowing that today is an NT day, I should be psyching up. OK, I’m gonna quit wasting time, I’m gonna get out of these pajamas (don’t you judge me, I work from home and it’s snowy and cold and nobody sees me), I’m gonna throw on my workout clothes, and I’m gonna NordicTrack for 45 minutes with 25 minutes of intervals. Afterward, I’m gonna feel great. And a hot shower will be waiting.

Instead, all I can think of is psyching out. Oh crap. I have to get out of my warm fuzzy bathrobe, pull on those ridiculous c.1995 purple Lycra shorts and bra, and freeze my butt off in our dungeon of a basement, in that laundry room so full of junk I have just enough space to wedge the NordicTrack between the mountain of “for eBay” boxes, the Shop-Vac, and the toilet waiting to be installed in the powder room. Oh, and I haven’t been able to find my water bottle (actually Mike’s water bottle since I dropped mine and it cracked). And it’s FREEZING down there. And NordicTracking for 45 minutes is really hard. And what would it hurt if I just took a snow day from working out, since I never get a snow day from work? And I can go get a hot shower right now!

Fortunately, though, my psych up side has a secret weapon. It’s very motivating. Very effective. Works every time.

Sure, honey, you take a snow day. I’m sure those gray pants will fit the NEXT time you try to button them. And those jeans, too. You know, the ones you were ‘so happy’ to find because they fit perfectly? Yes, you just sit there and veg in front of the computer. You deserve it!

My chariot awaits.

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself.
Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.
~ Wayne Dyer