There are cakes and then there are CAKES…

OK, so everyone seemed to like the chocolate mousse cake I made for my mom’s 90th birthday. Comments were along the lines of “You made this? I thought it was store-bought.” which I have yet to decide is a compliment or not.

As coincidence would have it, an old friend sent me an e-mail today telling me her sister, Nancy (a youngest of five), had won the $1000 first prize in Pittsburgh’s Ultimate Black & Gold Birthday Cake Challenge with this beauty featuring famous Pittsburghers past and present (photo by Aimee Obidzinski). Way to go, Nancy! I wish I could see every little face and read every little placecard.

Now, would you ever CUT a cake this cute? Don’t know that I could, so it’s lucky I only make cakes people are all too willing to sacrifice.

I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert.
                                                                      ~ Jason Love