I have met the enemy, and he is…thus

If you know the enemy and know yourself,
you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.
~ Sun Tzu

Say hello to the nice readers, Sweetie. Yes, you’re dashing in white, but you know I can’t resist you in black. Four times in the last two weeks, is it? They only leave me wanting more. I cried when you left last year. Twice. Once from missing you and once from relief it was finally over. But you came back. You always come back. And you’re staying a while. Tauntingly close. A 60-second ride away…waiting. Audacious too. Out there for the world to see, thumbing your nose at the neighbors. A fruit market? Zucchini? Summer squash? Grapes? Watermelon? As if. Batting cages? No contest. You’re everyone’s next stop. A beer distributor? A worthy foe, but you know you’ll win. You always win.

And you, Salty. So many years at this, you and I. You never leave for long. But you never stay long either. You go, and I crave you. You come back, and you’re gone too soon. I hate you. (I love you.) Go away. (Don’t leave me.) You’re mine. Always.

Oh yes, Mr. Tzu, I know my enemies. All too well. I also know myself. All too well. Hence my dilemma.

What about you, my friends? Have you vanquished your enemies? Tell me how.  I’m all ears (or rather, thighs).