It really IS the thought that counts.

Dear Abby:
What do you think it means when your husband sends you an e-mail link and this is what it is.

Kitchen Compost Crock

With this message:

Dear Christine,

I immediately thought of you when I saw this

– Mike

Now, do you suppose it was the compost (e.g., garbage) aspect that made him think of me or the “crock” part? Or maybe it’s that we’re shaped alike?
Puzzled in Pittsburgh

Too funny. His motives were totally sweet. He’s remembering my love of gardening and the fact that I’m currently using a plastic bin from the dollar store as my kitchen scrap holder.

Truth be told, I’m thrilled that he’s thinking of me and my interests. And I have to say, this brings to mind one occasion where I was told (by someone else): “I know you’ll love what I got you for Christmas.”

Immediately, my mind said, “Oh my God, he got me the rototiller I’ve been wanting!”

Seriously, this is what I thought.

Then he said, and I quote: “All chicks dig this.”

Then I knew, it wasn’t my dream gift. (Maybe if he had said, “All chicks dig WITH this…”) Turns out, it was a spa package — massage, facial, manicure, pedicure. It was lovely, of course, but certainly not a rototiller.

The fact that my husband knows me so well, knows that I’d love a kitchen compost crock (or anything else to do with gardening) above anything more conventional or “romantic,” thrills me to no end.

Thanks, sweetie. You’re the best!

You know when you have found your prince because you not only
have a smile on your face but in your heart as well. 
                                                ~ Author Unknown