Actually, it was a direct hit

Remember that last post about how I “almost” bought a car.


Meet Signora Bianco Perla Avorio (Perla for short). Isn’t she bella? (OK — silly name, but it makes me smile. It’s her colors, Pearl White outside and Ivory inside. Ms. Pearl White Ivory — so Southern or WASPy in English, but lovely and lilting in Italian. Go ahead, roll those Rs.)

It’s amazing what telling a car dealer “Thanks but no thanks” will accomplish. The unavailable Maryland car we originally put a deposit on suddenly became available (due to some wrangling between the two dealers). My dealer sent someone to pick it up yesterday, and here it is in our driveway today.

And my fear about the universe looking unfavorably on the purchase? It evaporated when we went in last night to pick up Perla and found out the $500 manufacturer’s rebate we had expected had suddenly been raised to $2,000, starting yesterday and only through next Tuesday! We were speechless with delight — things like that NEVER happen to us. (But now we can’t say that, can we?) Typically, we are the poor saps in the “Oh, that deal just ended yesterday” or “Oh, unbeknownst to you, that [fabulous perk] doesn’t begin until tomorrow” camp.

So, I’m relishing all things “new car” (first time since 1998), looking forward to getting great mileage (though wishing we¬†won’t have to put too many miles on), and practicing my Italian accent.

Ciao, baby!

Anyone driving slower than you is an idiot,
and anyone going faster than you is a maniac.

~ Author Unknown (but isn’t it so true?)