Abuzz and aflutter

My mind or the garden?

Both, actually.

First my mind. Abuzz, aflutter, and aterriblethingtowaste, as evidenced by the mail I found stuffed alongside the food processor in the little closet where I keep small appliances. Naturally, it included something relatively important along with the junk: my office phone bill, now 4 days overdue.

This was more puzzling than finding the cereal in the refrigerator or the cheese in the cupboard. Whatever possessed me, probably 2 weeks ago, to stick the mail on a closet shelf? Good thing I had that hankering for hummus this morning. (And good thing the mortgage bill is delivered online with auto-reminders set on stun.)

Now, the garden — no mystery here. Just a much nicer kind of buzzing, fluttering, hot summer activity. Lots to see in only a few minutes of observation.

It’s good to know that while my mind may be slightly off-kilter, the butterflies, moths, and bees are right on track.

The universe is full of magical things
patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

~ Eden Philpotts