And on the 7th day, she rested less

Not to belabor the “oh poor me, I’m so sick” thread, but GEEZ — this latest cold/flu/virus thing has been just horrible.

Today, Day 7, I feel semi-human again (that means I only still have a clogged ear, a less-sore throat, and lingering laryngitis from coughing up bits of lung). I thought nothing could top last year’s episode, but this year’s double-whammy (5-day bout of misery, 7-day halfhearted recuperation, then 7-days-and-counting relapse) has been something other-worldly. Complete with conjunctivitis (pinkeye) of all things.

I so wanted to be dipped in an antibiotic bath (or at least get some in pill form), but haven’t had anything but OTC meds (save the eye drops prescribed  for the pinkeye, though that was probably viral in origin as well). Intellectually, I know antibiotics do nothing for viruses, but emotionally, I needed to think there was something to kill the invaders — my immune system sure wasn’t doing it. I tried a few of the “natural remedies”… gargling with saltwater, drinking apple cider vinegar and honey in water, steaming my head over a bowl of boiling water…to no avail. The only thing that actually felt good was drinking lemon juice and honey in hot water when even tea was more than I could stomach.

So what’s the deal? Have the viruses gotten that much stronger or have I gotten that much weaker? Before last year, I could count on one hand the times in my life I’d had anything even remotely like this. Now I’ll be worrying I’ll never have a “normal” cold again. Also, I thought the body built up immunity — that once you had a certain virus, your body could fight it off next time (I think I gleaned this from an episode of House — probably incorrectly. Or maybe it only works for chicken pox. Or maybe all these viruses I’ve gotten are different. Or maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.) And all this despite taking a handful of supplements daily, eating pretty well, and exercising regularly.

Forget giant sunglasses and clunky plastic clogs. I think these young ladies have the right idea — imagine how much illness we could prevent if this were the next fashion fad. Maybe I should lead the trend.


Sickness comes on horseback but goes away on foot.
~ A proverb