January 1, 2013

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged I wondered if I would pick it up again. There’s a lot I’d like to say, but not a lot I feel comfortable sharing in an open forum, even though only a few people would read it. Suffice it to say 2012 was the worst year of my life (I feel compelled to simultaneously knock on wood after writing that to avoid tempting fate and to add “so far” to acknowledge that fate can really suck and just might), and I’m certainly not over it, though I’m happy it’s over.

I have to believe 2013 will be better, but I’m not going into it with a list of resolutions or to-do’s or expectations. I know what I hope happens this year, but I won’t put any extra pressure on myself to “make sure” X or Y happens or doesn’t happen. I’m in a very que sera sera place these days. Getting my work done, keeping my clients happy, and paying the bills is enough on the “must do” list this year. Beyond that…well let’s just wait and see what the universe has in store.


You have to do it by yourself,
and you can’t do it alone. 
~ Martin Rutte