Baby Steps

My mom is officially “on her own” again after a whirlwind nearly 4 months. She is happy for the peace and quiet (actually calling my sister and leaving not 1 but 2 messages on her cell asking her NOT to come over yesterday so my mom could have a quiet day).

Well alrighty then.

No guarantees that at 89 she will be OK staying alone. But there are no guarantees at any age. We all feel pretty proud we were able to accomplish so much for her in such a short time (watching over her for 2 months in a rehab hospital and 5 weeks in an assisted living facility, concurrently overseeing a major construction and renovation project to add a first-floor bedroom and bathroom to her house, lots of clean-up/clean-out, then 3 weeks with 24/7 family care at home). I know we are very lucky we were able to do all this — in that same time, a good friend of mine lost her dad and another her mother. My mom lost a dear friend (fellow card-player) and a cousin. Talk about perspective.

Now it’s baby steps for her as she tries to adapt to independent living again (she loves being waited on, so it’s a big adjustment), and for us as we try to adapt to her independence, while still trying to manage everything for her behind the scenes.

But, ya know, those baby steps can cover an awful lot of ground, as all moms of toddlers know. We’ll have a few bumps and bruises (please God, no falls!) and hopefully get a little stronger and more confident every day. At least that’s today’s plan. 

In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.
                                                 ~ Charlie Brown