I may not be wearing purple yet…but lavender is a distinct possibility

We were at our neighbor’s 4th of July party the other night and one of the women there was busy taking pictures of people’s feet. Not for fetish purposes (I don’t think) — she explained that when she turned 40 (which I assumed was recently), she bought a book about how to break out of ruts and shake things up a little. Apparently “Take unusual pictures” was one of the points of advice. As she was leaving, I heard her say, “Maybe next time I’ll do ears.”

I think I’m in “shake it up a little” mode, too. I just bought a slightly ridiculous new pair of glasses (and not just for how expensive they were — stupid bifocals). They have chunky plastic frames instead of my usual, safe, disappearing wire rims, in the decidedly unsafe shades of light blue and brown. With some flowers thrown in on the sides for good measure. I couldn’t decide if they looked clownish or cuteish — so I went for it (especially since Mike was noncommittal and the ladies at the optometrist didn’t laugh). And I decided to go blonder for the summer (which unfortunately turned into going oranger for the summer, but oh well. Now I match the cats.). And as of today, shorter, too. I’m just thinking…who cares if my glasses look dumb — hardly anyone ever sees them but me. And hair grows out. And blue toenail polish can be here and gone in a minute.

I haven’t yet decided to pierce anything, tattoo anything, or jump out of or off of anything. But it’s only Wednesday. And it’s only July 6. I may not be ready to wear purple yet, but I’m so ready for lavender. With a stopover at blue first.

P.S. And I should have bought one of those custom-fitted toe rings at the craft festival this past weekend! But the fitting process was a little weird…again, not for fetish purposes (I don’t think), but a little weird nonetheless.

It’s sad to grow old, but nice to ripen.
~ Brigitte Bardot