Thanks, perfect strangers

It’s Sunday night and I worked in my office most of the day, so don’t have a lot of energy to write a meaningful post. But I would like to acknowledge that when Mike and I were at Home Depot yesterday in what had to be our 197th trip for the sunroom project, no less than 4 people — fellow customers mind you, not HD employees — stopped what they were doing, came over to us, and offered to help us wrangle the three sheets of plywood we were buying.

The first time, a young man with his girlfriend or wife walked by us in the aisle, left his big cart, and came over to help us with our task. Just a couple minutes later, another guy walking by asked if he could help us. Outside, the woman loading her purchases into her car next to us offered her help, and not a minute later, a man walked over from his car parked in another aisle to help. It was so darn nice. (Maybe it means I am looking really old and incapable these days, but regardless, it was nice.) And it made me more conscious of doing the same in similar situations where I can offer a helping hand.

That’s all. Just a little slice of life that really stood out as a highlight of the weekend. That must be what is meant by the term “perfect strangers.”

What this world needs is a new kind of army — the army of the kind.¬†
~ Cleveland Amory