Oh no, not Country Home too?!

My decor is doomed. Seems it wasn’t enough that Cottage Living magazine folded, now the one I like even more, Country Home, is closing the barn doors for good. Two favorite magazines gone in 2 months (although I did learn that my Cottage Living subscription would be honored by Southern Living, which was a nice surprise).

Has the world finally had enough of the uber-emphasis on decorating the last 10 years? Can HGTV be far behind? Surely not, but I could probably give up cable if that folded. 

So now I’m down to Better Home and Gardens (a perennial subscription for close to 20 years) and my recent gift subscription to Martha Stewart Living — so lovely but so unattainable. It sure doesn’t bode well for the state of this ol’ house in the days to come. Good thing I’ve saved the back issues. Inspiration has to come from somewhere.

A comfortable house is a great source of happiness.
It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience.
                                            ~ Sydney Smith