Open door, open invitation

Apparently, leaving your garage door open most of the time because it’s wet in there most of the time is an open invitation.

Note: The his and hers snowblowers might be our way of ensuring it doesn’t snow anymore (you’re welcome). Or they might just reflect a lack of anywhere to put them inside. Oh, and “his and her” is a euphemism for “both his; one that works and one that doesn’t.”

Apparently, any Thomasina, Dick, or Harriet (Dick is a stay-at-home dad) considers the open door an invitation to move right in.

Any cozy spot will do — assuming a pile of hoses and extension cords is your idea of cozy.

While I noted Mr. and/or Mrs. Sparrow or Wren flying in and out and figured some shenanigans were ensuing, I failed to notice this nest, which is directly in front of me as I get in my car, until Mike pointed it out. (Do not call me Ms. Observant.)

Lovely craftsmanship! I especially like the free-form landscaping — it really makes the place, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen mom or dad lately, nor do I see any offspring-to-be. While I am mildly concerned about this, I am also grateful not to have to ponder the ecological impact of relocation or worry about cleaning bird poop off the car and everything else in the garage. But I do wonder, how long should I let this stay here, and what should I do with it if I remove it? As a DIY homeowner myself, I can’t bear the thought of all this hard work going to waste.

The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it.
~ Author Unknown