Hog heaven or hell?

It seems to be a matter of perspective.

I’m not 100 percent sure that our squatter groundhog is responsible for turning what used to be charming, dangling sweet potato vine into a clump of stubby stems…

Or for making my “bookend” planters not quite match anymore (though I suspect they may be matching again — and not in a good way — any day now).

On the right…

On the left…

But I’m probably 99.9 percent sure it’s time to get the trap out again.

And I’ve been wondering why I’m having such trouble with my hummingbird feeders these past 2 years. All the sugar water just seems to drain right out. I just had to get a new one when the old one (just purchased last year to replace one that was leaking) was obviously leaking too…and chewed on. And wouldn’t you know, I just found the new one leaking and chewed on too!

What the…?


Thirsty little bugger. So now I guess we know where squirrels get all that energy.

Me, I’m just tired.

And, apropos of nothing (to quote Sheryl Crow), this is what happens when you try to save that nice sectioned deli tray that someone brought you delicious olives from Delallo’s in, but it was so oily you thought the dishwasher would do the trick…

It turns into a Shrinky Dink.

Fall seven times; stand up eight.
~ Japanese proverb