Odds and evens

While my mind loves the idea of a nice even year, my life seems to like the odd years best. I was born in an odd year, graduated from high school and college in odd years, started (and left) all my jobs in odd years, got married in an odd year, and had the worst year of my life in an even year.

So in light of another even year ahead, I’m keeping my expectations — and aspirations — rather simple I think.

2014 balance (402x188)

I don’t know what will be harder — getting rid of too many things or too many thoughts. Losing weight or gaining perspective. Minimizing the negative or maximizing the positive. So much comes down to mind over matter. What do I mind? What matters? I mostly know this already, but I need to get better at reminding myself — every day.

So far so good. One day down, 364 to go. (Another even number. Sigh.)

It is never to late to be who you might have been.
~ George Eliot