Probably the last time you heard so much ado about a wall was when one came tumbling down. In Berlin. In 1989.

My version is about a wall going up. At our house. After 14 months of waiting.

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No, no steps yet…I think they befuddled the contractor. At one point yeserday there were four men staring at the dirt where the steps will go. And they didn’t come back today. But as I told Mike last night, even in its unfinished state, the area still looks better than it has in the entire 3 years we’ve lived here.

Stay tuned for the sequel (Beyond the Wall) in which our intrepid homeowners decide how to finish the newly lengthened driveway (where the gravel is now). Will they choose more asphalt? Pavers? Something else? Oh the excitement of it all. But don’t hold your breath — this will likely take a while. There’s still that pesky sewer issue to fix, front porch to rebuild, closet-turned-powder-room in the works, a deck to resurface, a “honey, what if we…” project ongoing in the back yard, and a half-dozen other items on the to-do list.

The big fun never ends on Pleasant Valley Road. But slowly, slowly, slowly, the house is looking like responsible, motivated, proud owners live here.

 He conquers who endures.
                        ~ Persius