The wreck’s for sale

The long-abandoned wreck next door doesn’t get much traffic, so we were both curious when we saw a few cars pull up the driveway last week.


We’ve been living with the anxiety that trashy people will buy it since the bank bought it back at sheriff sale several months ago. Turns out the bank has finally enlisted a realty company and the house is officially for sale — at $15,000 less than the sheriff sale price.

More has been done with it in the last 2 weeks than the last 2 years. The ramshackle shed, rusty swingset, and mosquito-haven pool have been pulled down, and lots of trash and debris have been cleared away. A steady stream of lookers has paraded up the rutted driveway.

Hopefully one look and they came to the same conclusion we in the neighborhood have — it’s beyond recovery and needs to be torn down, the sooner the better. If only we had the money to buy it and do it ourselves.

A hundredload of worry will not pay an ounce of debt.
~ George Herbert