Phat Tuesday

Just being phunny…in a hopelessly outdated “hep” kind of way. But it’s true this is the day for indulgence before austerity, which I am marking appropriately — potato chips, chocolate, mac & cheese, cookies, and now that I think about it, time for wine! I thought about making something rich and chocolately for two, given that Valentine’s Day is on Thursday and by then I won’t be eating sweets, but…laziness prevailed. Sorry, honey. (I guess we could still buy something and you could eat it in front of me — that would be good for my willpower/martyr complex. Come to think of it, I could still MAKE something and be an even bigger martyr…)

Brah la la how the life goes on…

Just like winter — on and on. I did notice some daffies popping up (miracle alert!), so that’s something to offset the fact that the expensive deck furniture cover we scored on clearance last year tore in the wind and then totally disintegrated, leaving everything exposed. Oh, and something’s wrong with the garage door, so now it won’t open. And after waiting months for the flooring contractor to work on the sunroom, he finally gave us an estimate that is totally out of line, so we’re now back to square one, looking for another estimate (did I mention it’s been MONTHS)? And we have stuff torn up in anticipation of getting some plaster repair done, but that can’t happen until some electrical gets rerouted. And that can’t happen because Mike is working 12- or 14-hour days and pretty much 6 days a week. And we decided to refinance our mortgage again, so there’s that extra expense every month with the goal that in just 10 short years, all of this (hands up, twirling) will be ours! (Supposedly the refi will save us $11K over those 10 years, but frankly, we can’t do the math, so I’m skeptical.) Sometimes with all the financial decisions and everything else you have to take care of day to day, the relentless tasks and obligations, I’m reduced to “Just tell us where to make our X.”

And so, Lent begins. Six long weeks on the journey to redemption. And spring. And maybe some new plaster.

Phat Tuesday

Saints are sinners who kept on going.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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  1. facie said,

    Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 9:53 am

    I kind of want to wish you a happy Lent, which of course no one does and is not really appropriate.

    Today at mass, the priest said that we need to work on our souls, that working on our bodies is fine, but Catholics have become so casual that they have all but forgotten what is really important. Other than my usual lessening of sweets (just can’t quite quit them completely), I am going to think about how I can work on my soul. Hope the “how” comes to me soon.

    Good luck with all the house stuff!

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