I just got awful news, via Facebook, that my talented client and colleague, inspiring yoga instructor (back when I wasn’t a slug and practiced yoga), and an all-around beautiful person lost her battle with cancer today. A battle I didn’t even know had begun again.

I blogged about Melanie before here, after the first time I took one of her classes and learned of her journey in the time since I had last worked with her. Just a few months ago, I was happy to read this article about her and the new studio she opened in the Strip. A couple weeks ago, I tagged her in a post on Facebook that made me think of her — cute cookie cutters of gingerbread men in yoga poses. I was a little surprised when she didn’t respond, but chalked it up to holiday busy-ness. I thought, for the dozenth time, that I needed to get back into shape and go back to yoga (in that order — her classes were SO challenging, I couldn’t even think of taking one in the shape I’m in).

And now…now I’m shocked and sad that another beautiful soul has been lost to cancer; grateful that I got to know and be enriched by such a lovely woman; mournful for her family and friends; and more than a little scared — because as many times as you remind yourself that life is fragile and you never know what day might be someone’s (or your) last — it never really sinks in. Until it does. Again.


Namaste, Melanie.
The light and love in you has reached out 

to greet the light and love in the universe.

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