I’m tired of writing

Maybe the 3 or 4 people who follow this blog have noticed I haven’t posted much lately. It’s not that I’ve lost interest in the blog…I’m still happy I started it and have kept it up these past few years. It’s that I’m tired of writing anything because I’ve been writing so much for work.

And no, it’s not like…OK it’s been 12 years and now I’m tired.

It’s more like…I’ve been working on a string of projects that require a lot of original writing (vs. editing/proofing) and I’m tired. My brain is tired of thinking. It’s tired of taking what other people know and putting it on paper. It’s tired of combining words into sentences that make sense and sentences into paragraphs that make sense and paragraphs into sections that make sense and sections that, together, make up a whole something that makes sense.

Does that make sense?

Basically, I’m tired of doing all the hardest parts of my job and would like to have a few projects that let me do the easy parts instead.

Can I just proofread something?

Can I give something a light edit without having to start from scratch?

Can I think up a few catchy ad headlines (without the copy that has to be witty and memorable and spur the reader to action in 2 sentences)?

Can I just read something for enjoyment and not because it’s “source” that I have to absorb and spit back in a coherent way?

Can I not look at the Excel spreadsheet where I track my income and think…”Is this all I have to show for this?”

Can I just stop whining, please?

Yeah, I get it. Nice problem to have. As Mike said to me, during one of my many “poor me” misery fests, “I’m sorry you have so much work.”

That’s bunk, of course. We both know it.

But I am tired. Mentally tired. And that’s not going to change until I can cross a few things off this list of 8 or so projects that are overwhelming me. And scaring me. And making me think, “Well, it’s taken 12 years, but now everyone will see what a dope I am.” (And now you’re chuckling because, well, you knew I was dope years ago…)

And….I miss yoga. Haven’t practiced in months and I’ll likely have to start off in the baby pool (so to speak) when I do finally get the time and gumption to go back.

And did I mention my house is a mess and the cat hair has taken over?

Anyway, sorry to be so whiny. But if anyone has any ideas for how to muster the enthusiasm to start two new projects tomorrow (one, a white paper that I tried to get out of a month ago by telling the client I was too busy and he actually waited and e-mailed me yesterday to ask if I could do it now. So how could I say no? and the other, three sales sheets to edit that a client I love recommended me for), I’m all ears.

For now, I’m going to force myself to go take a walk and try not to think about anything that has to do with work.

Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper
until drops of blood form on your forehead.
~ Gene Fowler

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  1. facie said,

    Friday, August 5, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Hope the walk helped. In your world (well, in many worlds, I guess), it really is feast or famine. I wish I had some words of wisdom, but I cannot even get myself to finish yet another version of a resume for yet another job that I am not really qualified for. Afraid I am not much help.

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