And the last shall be first

I got up the gumption last night to attend a new yoga class, since my regular class is on hiatus until January. I had never been to our local Y before, and was surprised when someone from my regular class told me I could take classes at the Y without being a member. It’s a bustling place (tons of kids and tweens), and I managed to buy my pass and make my way through the circuitous route to the aerobics room where yoga would be held (down the hall, down the stairs, through the women’s locker room [with a keycode lock I couldn’t open], and there you are).

I was about 10 minutes early, and 3 or 4 people were already there. So I found a spot out of the way (didn’t want to take anyone’s “favorite” spot; funny how you always have one) and started warming up. Then more and more people filed in, 8, 10, 12, probably 15 or more by the time class started (and even after it did) in a very small room. As more and more people arrived and everyone squeezed in, I, who was 10 minutes early, ended up in a very awkward spot, diagonally in the corner, next to the exercise bikes.

Now, I know yoga is all about love and light and calm and rejuvenation, but as I was living in the moment, I was pretty darn annoyed that the latecomers were rewarded with a better spot than my ever-prepared, almost-always-early, non-disruptive self.

But hey, what did I expect for a $4.00 class? I got a good workout (it’s faster paced and less meditative and instructive than my regular class), so I can’t complain. Because they let anyone (like me) drop in, they never know how many people to expect, and I’m sure class space is hard to come by.

But still. Don’t you hate it when you’ve carefully chosen your seat at the movies or an auditorium, and then someone rushes in at the last minute and expects you to make room? Sure, it’s what nice people do, and if you’re the late one, you’re grateful when they do. But there oughta be a rule: Nobody sit in these 2 (undesirable) rows, and anyone coming in 2 minutes before or anytime after a production starts has to sit there. No fuss, there’s always a seat available, and nobody gets displaced who shouldn’t have to be.

Remind me to make that happen when I rule the world.

In the meantime…Oooooommmmm. Namaste. Have a nice day.

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.
~ Anonymous

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