It’s not brain surgery

More like tree surgery. Or orthopedic surgery, perhaps, since limbs are involved?

February’s snows did quite a number on my small, ornamental Japanese maple. This is “him” — Laceleaf — buried during one of the big storms. He’s the white blob in front of the second column.

I tried to find a picture of him in happier times, but apparently never took one. We’ve been together for almost 7 years now — 2 years growing in a pot on my townhouse patio and nearly 5 here at the house — and I hated to think of losing him. I neglected to take pictures of his damage — basically the two largest limbs had split right at the crotch (ouch).

But I read online that you can sometimes get good results repairing splits by screwing the two parts back together. So that’s what Mike did yesterday morning before work.

I’ll be amazed if it works — but it’s something to hope for, at least.

Here’s something else hopeful.

I only have a few crocuses (croci), and since they are such a sign of spring I’m wondering why I haven’t planted more. (Note to self: Plant more croci this fall.)

These make me particularly happy because the bulbs were tucked into a wonderful basket of garden goodies my friend Tracy gave me at my wedding shower.

I haven’t seen Tracy in probably 2 years, but I always think of her when the crocuses pop. Thanks, Tracy!

I also took my first walk of the “spring” today. Had high hopes of making it 5 miles, but had Jell-O legs after only 25 minutes. I did manage to make it 60 minutes and 4.29 miles. (And I’ll likely be hobbling for the next couple days.) The biggest thing was seeing all the snow damage around the neighborhood. Tree limbs everywhere, and much bigger trees than my little maple split and likely ruined. All in all, we fared pretty well in comparison, so I’ll refrain from complaining about our broken boxwoods and the limb off the holly tree in back.

But I do hope Mr. Laceleaf survives. I’d hate to lose my first surgical patient.

As the poet said, “only God can make a tree” —
probably because it’s so hard to figure out how to get the bark on.
~ Woody Allen

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