Yay! (And get your own damn icon.)

Afterglow. Nothin’ like it. 

Here’s wishing a speedy recovery for Willis McGahee. And kudos to the Ravens for playing a hell of a game — we were worried. Thank you, Troy!


Lounging in bed this morning watching the news on Channel 4, I saw a piece by Bill Hillgrove about the Terrible Towel. The gist, as you might expect, “He who desecrates the towel, beware.”

What struck me most was Bill’s comment that the NFL was looking into introducing towels (or facsimiles) of their own. Then I found this P-G article that describes the effort.

What the hell? Ripping off Myron Cope’s brainchild and making money on a team icon whose sale funds a charity in honor of Myron’s disabled son? What an insult.

They couldn’t do a pennant, or a flag, or a foam whatever? Had to be a towel?

Or wait, maybe it’s appropriate that all those other NFL teams wave the white towel (in surrender) when the Steelers come to town.

Or maybe that’s what Steeler fans should wave in disgust when the refs make lousy calls against us or fail to notice when James Harrison gets held on nearly every play.

Or maybe it’s that imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery.

Nah. It’s just the NFL trying to make a buck off a Pittsburgh original. Good luck with that.

Right now, though, it matters not. Pittsburgh’s goin’ to the Super Bowl!

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another. 
                                                                  ~ John Dewey

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