Is it really over?

Silly me. I got caught up in commenting on another blogger’s post about the election and ended up being called a racist (I think because I didn’t vote for Obama and had the audacity to cite a few reasons why). We have overcome, indeed.

Continental divides and political chasms notwithstanding, like most everyone I know, I’m glad the race is over, the commercials will be silenced, the phone calls will stop, the junk mail will end. (So much for all the “green preach” on both sides — sure wasn’t practiced in the ridiculous amount of paper that went straight from the mailbox to the trash, or in my case, the recycling bin, every day. Or the ridiculous amount of valuable resources of all kinds that went into this election.)

Life will go on. I’ll keep doing my job, fixing up my house, loving my husband, watching out for my mom, paying my mortgage and my taxes, playing with my cats, cheering the Steelers, thinking about Christmas, and all the other extraordinarily ordinary things I do — at least until something dire happens to change my ability to do all that.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to being a political hermit for a while (being called racist for touching the “wrong” names on the screen will do that to a person). Anyone care to join me in just being? How ’bout those Stillers? Cook any new recipes lately? Try any good wine? Play any fun games? Find any good bargains? Anyone, anyone?

All the art of the living lies in the fine mingling
of letting go and holding on.
                                           ~ Havelock Ellis

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