Hip, Hip for the Strip

It’s nice when you stumble on the national media saying something nice about Pittsburgh. Check out this article on cnn.com:

Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District ‘wonderful, gritty’

I’m a Strip-fan-come-lately — I was in my 20s before I even knew it existed and visited for the first time. (Chalk that up to typical Pittsburgh parochialism — I grew up in the North Hills. While we often went downtown to shop, we didn’t make it much farther east than Sixth Street [the bus stop]. I’m sure we had no occasion to cross the Ft. Duquesne Bridge. I didn’t make it to the South Hills until college.)

Even so, it didn’t take long to appreciate the Strip’s bustling farmer’s market atmosphere (and the nice prices), all the unique ethnic foods (especially the aroma from Enrico Biscotti), and the great little shops.

Most cities have had to work hard to create that kind of atmosphere to attract tourists, but aren’t we lucky — ours just came naturally.

You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person.
                                                                             ~ Alec Waugh

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