Cloudy? Check. Humid? Check. Relieved? Check.

After nearly 2 weeks of glorious, low humidity sunshine berating me — Rise and shine you ungrateful wretch. Get out here. Hurry up! Do something outdoorsy. Make it meaningful. — we finally woke up to gray, humid, and drizzly.

Thank goodness.

All that pressure to make the most of the extraordinary “last days of summer” was wearing on me.

Life as we know it in Western PA is normal again.

The lawn has its first coating of leaves, thanks to two weeks without rain.






Mighty Big is drooping from his weighty raindrop burden. 






The rain barrel has reclaimed its raison d’être.








My slippers are slimy after the briefest garden stroll.







Life is good.

But look what’s just around the corner. On a holiday weekend no less.

Sat  Aug 30  AM Clouds / PM Sun AM Clouds / PM Sun  81°  55°  20%

Sun  Aug 31 SunnySunny  83° 55° 10%

Mon  Sep 1   SunnySunny 83° 56°  20%


Have these weather gods no mercy???

Let the rain kiss you. 
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. 
Let the rain sing you a lullaby. 
                                                 ~ Langston Hughes

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