My ship has come in, apparently



You email Address has won a jackpot of

15,000,000 € (FIFTEEN MILLION EURO )..

in the recent email draw of the ELGODOR


You are advise to Contact your claims

department with the below information.

Full Name:Postal Address:Phone

Number:Country of residence:Occupation:


Contact Person: Dr. Pabblo Smith


Mobile Phone: +347031812654

Finally, the break I’ve been needing. Winning the ELGODOR SPANISH LOTTERY Lottery.

Seriously, folks. People with enough intelligence to log on to a computer fall for the likes of this?

If only I were daring enough to call Dr. “Pabblo” at that number as I am “advise.” Or stupid enough to e-mail that “spainish” address. Just to see what would happen. It’s hard to let FIFTEEN MILLION EURO.. slip through your fingers.

You believe easily that which you hope for earnestly.
                                                           ~ Terence

There’s a sucker born every minute.
                            ~ P. T. Barnum

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