You’ve probably heard the news stories the same as I have — honeybees are disappearing in record numbers. It’s awful to contemplate.

I’m relieved to report a resurgence of buzzing at my house this year. I don’t recall seeing many honeybees since we moved in 3 years ago, but this year, I’ve seen quite a few. (In contrast, we’ve always had many carpenter bees — those awful wood-borers that look like bumblebees but with shiny butts and leave a perfect round hole in whatever they choose to munch on (e.g., our porch). We can even hear them chewing.)

I hope the honeybees mean my planting is finally paying off and they’ve found us. They seem to especially love this new shrub — Ruby Spice Summersweet (Clethra alnifolia ‘Ruby Spice’) — and, yes, it really does smell awfully nice.

I’m also noting many more butterflies zooming appropriately around the butterfly bushes, along with my friends the hummingbird clearwing moths.

With so much in bloom, the garden is at its most colorful (except for the pooped-out hanging baskets). But even as I admire it with one eye, the other eye is busy scoping out what can go where come September and even better, what can we plan for next year? 

One of the most delightful things about a garden
is the anticipation it provides.
                                                    ~ W. E. Johns

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