Does that mean progress or just spaghetti sauce? Anyway, we’ve had a busy week (starting last Saturday).

New garage doors are installed — a marathon effort for Mike. The directions advise allowing 12 hours per door for installation for 2 people. Mike did them both himself over 2 long days, along with first reframing the openings so they would fit. Next step is to install the openers (a luxury I used to take for granted) and finish trimming everything out.

garage doors for web Beforegarage floor during  New floor in process
garage doors during  New door going up
garage doors after  Voila!

We also have the new porte cochere pier rebuilt and the new columns in place. Yes, it’s actually straight now, though my picture doesn’t make it look that way. We are blessed to have such a great neighbor who let us have ugly support beams in her lawn for so long — thank you, Chris! Next step is to clean/paint the columns (probably next spring) and get a stucco finish over the concrete block to match the foundation of the house.

leaning pier before   pier removed
Old leaning pier                              Old pier removed

pier in process  New pier in process

new pier in place  Voila!

This about wraps up the outside work for this year. But no worries, next spring the fun begins all over again with a new retaining wall in the back of the driveway, repair of the front porch foundation, and maybe, just maybe, replacing (or tearing down and saying good riddance to) the dilapidated porch roof railings that I detest so much. 

Of course, there’s still PLENTY to do inside over the winter. Did I mention we’ve been remodeling the kitchen for oh, 7 months or so?

It’s a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when
you’re tired, you quit when the gorilla is tired.
                                   ~ Robert Strauss

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