Runnin’ down the dream

How can I not join millions of other bloggers and rave about that awesome game? Could only have been better if it had been a Steelers victory.  But so sweet on so many levels:

  • The Patriots blow it — ha! Cheaters apparently really never win — ’nuff said about this 18-1 team
  • Eli Manning wins the big one the year after his big brother does (imagine how their PARENTS feel?)
  • The Giants defense is amazing — and if there’s one thing every Steelers fan appreciates, it’s great DEE-fense.
  • The Giants win as underdogs, after winning all their playoff games on the road, just as the Steelers did 2 years ago
  • Belichick does not equal Chuck Noll’s record 4 coaching wins
  • Brady does not join Bradshaw and Montana with 4 SB wins
  • Belichick shows a huge lack of class (big surprise) by leaving the field before the game ended
  • Plaxico demonstrates humility and grace in his first, teary post-game interview — qualities that certainly weren’t part of his persona during his Steelers years
  • Ben has a funny commercial for American Idol
  • Tom Petty gives a great half-time show

Actually, that last point was going to be the topic of this post — before the game turned out so well. The most humorous aspect — when they let people storm the field as soon as the band started (surprising, because what if someone had tripped and been trampled?) And then you see that none of the stage-rushers was even alive when the songs Petty was belting out were hits. What, these kids learned the songs from their parents?

I couldn’t help but think how great it would have been if the field had been stormed by middle-agers like me…likely would have been a slower storm, but we’d have gotten to the stage eventually. At least it would have seemed realistic (but likely a lot less eye candy for the cameras). Too funny.

It reminded me of Mike’s and my experience last summer when we saw Huey Lewis in concert. I had forgotten how many hits he had — there were at least 10 songs everyone knew all the words to. But it was definitely an older crowd out there under the stars at Seven Springs reliving the ’80s and their youth. Huey still sounds great, by the way.

Ditto Petty & Co. I was impressed by how good they looked, spiffy in their suits, stars all the way. So refreshing after so much grunge, as was hearing their always unique sound. It’s hilarious that after the Janet Jackson debacle, the NFL has stuck with boomer-friendly rockers…Paul McCartney, the Stones, Prince, and now Tom Petty. And the halftime shows have never been better.

So, congrats to Petty and the Heartbreakers for a great show, and to Manning and the Giants for an even better one. Way to go runnin’ down the dream.

Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.
                                                                          ~ George Will

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