I’m not dead yet.

Nothing like a little Spamalot to spice up an otherwise too fast and too little accomplished long weekend. We bought tickets months ago, but as the day, yesterday, finally arrived, we lamented having to get up, get dressed, get out in the steady rain, and get ourselves all the way downtown. Lounging in front of the Steeler game sounded so much more appealing. (Speaking of getting dressed, when did it become acceptable to go to a show at Heinz Hall or The Benedum in jeans? Half the people there looked like they had just stumbled onto a Broadway performance while running out for a pizza at halftime.)

Fortunately, we made the effort (having already paid +$120 for tickets is always a good motivator). Funny, funny show. Especially delightful that they worked in several Pittsburgh references during the performance — at one point the Lady of the Lake added a stirring “Pittsburgh’s goin’ to the Suuuuper Bowl…” to one of her solos, another character added a long bit at the end of a monologue about the ‘Burgh and the Steelers and waved a Terrible Towel and actually worked in the score of the just-completed Steelers-Pats game, and another referenced Pittsburgh as the home of famous people like Andrew Carnegie and the Primanti Brothers. It was fun, and we wondered if they do that in every city. (Or, if, as soon as the lights go up at intermission in other cities, someone in the theater shouts out the score of the football game and everyone cheers.) Ya gotta love the ‘Burgh.

So, after a brief blogging hiatus, largely due to lack of inspiration (it’s just a flesh wound), I’m back, trying to look on the bright side of life and admiring the curtains.

The play was a great success, but the audience was a disaster.
                                                                 ~ Oscar Wilde

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  1. mel said,

    Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    sounds like a lovely time! my sis saw it a couple years back and thought it was quite entertaining. maybe it’s a more “casual” show, where people don’t feel compelled to look decent? hmmmmmmm… more of the “slackerization” of our society in general, I suppose…

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